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Investment Themes

Targeting Middle Market Value-Add Investment Opportunities

The Mid-Atlantic region presents the opportunity for engagement with a multifaceted spectrum of demographics, creditworthy tenants, leading employers, and seamless access to capital markets.

This provides an ideal location for liquidity and opportunity:

Major Metropolitan Markets

Major metropolitan markets offer abundant employment opportunities and a stable macroeconomic outlook.

Top Tier Educational Institutions

Top-tier educational institutions that consistently draw in the future generation of industry leaders.

Diverse Demographics

Diverse demographics offered by long-established suburban communities, shelter the region from high volatility and the impact of global events.

Private Sector

A well-established private sector for finance, education, technology, industrial trades, and services that together drive economic growth.

Wide Range of Established Private Sectors Coupled with Large Government and Military Presence:

Government & Military Operations

The essential population needed to sustain the ongoing operations of the US Government and Military in the region inherently generates built-in consumer demand for surrounding communities.

Seamless Region Connectivity

The seamless connectivity to and from the region through air, rail, and road, coupled with the reliability of the local infrastructure, will further incentivize leading companies to establish their presence within the Mid-Atlantic vicinity.

Washington, DC | The Tourist Destination

As Washington, DC maintains its status as a premier global tourism destination, the flow of investments into infrastructure by both private and public entities is poised to persist.

Asset Type Strategy

Neighborhood Retail
Suburban Multifamily
Infill Repositioning
Flex Industrial
Tenant in Tow
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