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The cornerstone of The Reliable Group’s overarching business strategy is precision, resilience, and value creation in the dynamic world of real estate investment.

Proactive Sourcing

At the core of our success lies a commitment to proactive sourcing and management . Our in-house leasing and sales professionals form an integral part of our organization, backed by long-standing core businesses with expansive real estate holdings. This robust foundation instills confidence in sellers, facilitating seamless transactions.

Our value creation business plan is agnostic to asset type, providing unparalleled flexibility for investment pursuits. Embracing complexity as an opportunity, we increase the pool of potential deals, targeting off-market opportunities through our extensive network of resources.

Market Depth

The Mid-Atlantic region is an investment region, with major Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in every state fueling suburban population growth. A resilient job market, coupled with commuter flexibility into cities through public transportation, underscores the region's economic vibrancy.

The decreasing appeal of urban living among higher-income earners redirects consumer dollars to suburban service centers. Local demand for real estate offerings meets this shift, supported by an above-average US population income.

Submarkets & Middle Market Deal Size:

Our focus on Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Submarkets and Middle Market Deal Size stems from recognizing the less institutionalized expertise at the asset level among sellers and buyers. With deal sizes ranging from $4-40 million, we strategically target this deal size to unlock higher yield opportunities.

Our approach is post-COVID-19 resilient, not reliant on high foot traffic in Central Business Districts (CBDs) of major cities. This market segment represents the majority of real estate investment opportunities in most markets, offering the chance to acquire portions of institutional-level portfolios within this deal profile.

In-House Asset Management:

Within The Reliable Group, excellence in asset management is a hallmark. Our best-in-class property management is seamlessly integrated into TRG, ensuring optimal performance at every stage of the investment lifecycle. Backed by an in-house leasing and sales team with a motivating compensation structure, we bring a comprehensive approach to each transaction.

Our construction expertise is readily available throughout all investment stages, ensuring prompt and effective decision-making. With over 100 years of collective experience across all management duties within the TRG umbrella, our in-house asset management is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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